Mamma mia! Our new limoncello is delizioso.

11/12/2017 -

Ask QbD’s clients and partners: when life gives us lemons, we turn it into something way better … limoncello! It’s the ultimate business gift and the ideal drink to kick off the new year. It’s also a nice project to team up with others, like De Brug: an organization that employs people with a mental disability, and that takes care of the packaging for our limoncello bottles.

Moreover, the limoncello’s final production phase and bottling give us the perfect excuse for a fine teambuilding activity. Like every year, our consultants gathered in Wilrijk to produce a delicious new batch. This get-together was the grand finale of a balanced production process, of which every step is carefully taken.

In the first phase, we blended the alcohol and the zest of lemons. This substance then got to rest for a while, so that the lemons’ taste could infiltrate the alcohol, while the peels were absorbing a large part of the alcohol – thus making the result less strong. Once the peels had turned crunchy and were easy to break, the limoncello was ready for the next phase.

During our second team get-together, the limoncello was filtered and sugar was added. Finally, it was bottled … and ready to make lots of thirsty people happy. Of course, we paid close attention to the quality of the full limoncello production process. We took care of all validations and, well, maybe we did some tasting along the way. Salute!


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