Medical devices: urgent needs vs regulation

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Here's what you'll learn

Understand the key changes of MDR

Derogations of the regulations in scope of COVID-19

Learn the full product lifecycle of Medical Devices


Part I: Medical devices lifecycle: urgent needs vs regulations 

Covid-19 pandemic heavily affected the Medical Device industry. First and foremost, the implementation of the EU medical device regulations (2017/745) were postponed with year. Additionally, the European commission temporary allows derogation from the regulations in response to the outbreak.

Part II: Case Study: Autonomous robotic intradermal vaccination

With COVID-19 vaccines in development and being evaluated in clinical trials, ROB-ID, an automated intradermal delivery robot, aims to meet vaccine shortages, increase vaccination coverage, and trigger Dose Sparing effects.

Within a time frame of less than a minute, the autonomous system – developed with Voxdale – will administer a vaccine painlessly, while unloading healthcare professionals, with respect for physical distancing.


Vincent Van Fulpen

Project Manager Medical Devices at QbD

Koen Beyers

Founder of Voxdale and CTO of Novosanis

Expert knowledge in Medical Devices

Let’s get your medical device to market. We support you from concept to launch in the full lifecycle.

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