Serialisation and Track & Trace


Half a day

Why this topic?

Falsified medicines are a serious threat to patients all over the world. More and more governments are therefore enacting new legal requirements to enforce anti-counterfeiting measures in the supply chain. This legislation poses a big challenge in addition to significant costs to organisations that manufacture, distribute and sell drugs, as they seek to comply with the mandates.
Serialisation technology provides unique serial numbers for each sales pack, this ensuring that genuine medicines can be distinguished from counterfeited ones.
Track & Trace technology keeps track of where the product is or has been and who was responsible for it at a certain point in time. This data can be collected in an e-pedigree that is a strong tool to ensure a secure supply chain.

What can you expect during the training?

  • Acquire a clearer picture of how to set up a serialisation system.
  • Get an overview of the current and upcoming legal requirements.
  • View the risks involved with serialisation.
  • Discuss the best validation methods with your co-participants.
  • In addition, we pay much attention to change management.

What is the result in your daily work?

  • Participants will have a broader view on the impact of serialisation on the packaging processes.
  • Participants will know more about the different technical solutions.
  • Participants will be able to select the correct members for their project team.

For whom?

This training is intended for people involved in the packaging of pharmaceuticals who are facing current and upcoming legal requirements for serialisation and track & trace.

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