How can quality be guaranteed during technology transfer projects?


We can offer this as either a 4-hour or 8-hour training. During the 8-hour training, a number of workshop elements are provided that focus on the specific situation of the course participant(s). While for the 4-hour training, the focus is mainly on theory and independently learning to find additional information.

Learning objectives

After the training, participants will understand;

  • the roles and responsibilities of the sending unit, the receiving unit and the project team,
  • the various phases within a Tech Transfer project,
  • the main pitfalls and threats to quality,
  • the regulatory impact of the main types of transfer.

Afterwards, participants can independently;

  • fulfil their own role within the team,
  • spot potential problems and make proposals for improvements,
  • estimate the regulatory impact of changes.

For whom

  • Employees of small and large companies faced with technology transfer,
  • project managers of technology transfer projects,
  • the training focuses on technology transfer within the pharmaceutical industry.

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