Data Integrity


1-day training

Why this topic?

Data is omnipresent and of vital importance in regulated industries. Constant growth of data, combined with highly evolving technical environments, induces data integrity risks that can affect patient safety and product quality. Over the past years, governmental agencies have increased their focus on data integrity issues. Recent warning letters and non-compliance reports demonstrate the need for a dedicated company data integrity programme.

What can you expect during this training?

  • You will be introduced to data integrity
  • You will find out how data flows and paper-based as well as computerised systems are affected.
  • You will be familiarised with current regulatory guidance and good practices
  • You will be prepared to create a company-wide data integrity strategy
  • You will be able to execute data integrity gap assessments and implement remediation programmes.

For whom?

This training is intended for anyone involved in data integrity for the pharmaceutical sector, the cosmetics industry, the food industry or related sectors.


  • Introduction
  • Data Governance​
  • Data Lifecycle​
  • Data & Automation​
  • Audits & Supplier Assessments​
  • Data Integrity Assessment & Remediations
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