Regulatory Affairs for Pharma and Biotech

In pharma and biotech, quality assurance and regulatory affairs can hardly be dissociated from each other. 

That’s why Quality by Design offers you the total package. We do not only take care of quality management but also support you throughout the entire drug or medical device regulatory lifecycles

Whether this concerns traditional pharmaceuticals, generics, cosmetics, vaccines, biologicals or biosimilars, medical devices or Advanced Therapy Medicinal Products (ATMP).

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Expertise overview of our RA services

When it comes to Regulatory Affairs for Pharma and Biotech, we can support you from preclinical (research & development) to clinical (phase I, phase II, phase III) to commercialization (on the market). 

Regulatory strategy

Regulatory and scientific writing

Global submissions

Post-Market Regulatory Affairs for Pharma and Biotech

Regulatory Affairs
for Pharma & Biotech: QbD's full-circle support

In order to transform the development, formulation and manufacturing data of active substances and/or finished dosage forms into a compliant dossier that can be submitted to regulatory authorities for review and approval, a group of expert CMC writers is needed. QbD can support you in writing the appropriate quality module in CTD based on the phase of your medicinal product, either in a clinical phase or in the marketing authorization application phase. Our experts can perform the necessary literature reviews and prepare the relevant expert reports.

We support you in the submission of marketing authorization applications for medicinal products with new or known active ingredients, with or without innovation (generics). Especially for innovative medicines, the approval procedures can be complex and time-consuming and our regulatory affairs team can take the lead in preparing meetings with the authorities (scientific advice, pre-submission, clarification, application for an ATMP or orphan classification).

Our regulatory affairs officers will help you

  • develop the right submission strategy (EU: CP, NP, MRP, or DCP),
  • compile a compliant eCTD dossier,
  • and submit the marketing authorization application in the required countries and as per predefined registration procedure with the preparation of answers to official questions and the follow up till the end of the procedure.

Once marketing authorizations are approved, they must be continuously maintained and updated to ensure that the approved manufacturing process in the dossier matches the reality at the manufacturing site(s). 

Our RA team can support you in bringing your medicinal products to market and maintaining marketing authorizations throughout the life cycle. Post-approval activities (such as renewals, variations, annual product reviews, Article 57 database, transfers, etc.) can be handled by our regulatory affairs team.

We offer the guidance you need to navigate through complex regulatory requirements.

We offer a complete solution for your company

Our consultants offer comprehensive knowledge and expertise when it comes to Regulatory Affairs for Pharma and Biotech. We have the knowledge and expertise to support your team or to insource full regulatory affairs projects – all in an efficient and pragmatic way.

Our Regulatory Affairs services for Pharma and Biotech include writing and structuralizing registration files according to the legislation of various countries and integrating all required (technical) data.



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