Quality Management

How do you guarantee that your products and services are of a consistent quality throughout your whole organization? By applying the right aspects of quality management. Quality management is a comprehensive task for companies in the life sciences, healthcare and cosmetics industries. Among others, it includes complying with various guidelines and legislation – like the GMP guidelines – regarding the development, manufacturing and control of a product – to guarantee its quality. Besides product and service quality, quality management also focuses on the means to achieve this, including the right documentation, equipment and audit preparation.

Our quality management approach? Risk-based, pragmatic and structural

Few sectors are exposed to risks more than the life sciences and medical industries, while issues with quality or patient safety can result in very high legal claims. That’s why our quality management experts help companies to guarantee full compliance of their products. In this quality management process, we always work with a risk-based approach, focusing on what’s really important. And by working in a pragmatic, structured way and meticulously documenting every aspect, we guarantee optimal reliability of your quality management procedures.

Quality management for companies of every size

At QbD, we work with a balanced team of seniors, mediors and juniors to set up or optimize your quality management processes. Our experts offer advice and support on validation, qualification and tech transfers. By keeping a close track on all the important amendments in quality requirements and regulations, they help to reinforce your company’s immune system, keep control of risks associated with quality and increase the profitability of your business. We assist large companies during their quality management for projects or the transformation of products, and help small companies work efficiently during production.

Are you planning to improve your quality management, but don’t know where to start? We are happy to advise and assist you during this process. With the right guidance and support – based on your specific needs – we set you up so that you will be able to manage your quality independently in the end.

In this partnership with QbD, we can rely on their services on an ad hoc basis, which is extremely convenient.

Vanessa Vankerckhoven
CEO Novosanis


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