The roots of the pharmaceutical industry as we know it today date back to somewhere around 1850, when local drugstores started selling wholesale medication for the first time. Today, it has become not only a giant industry, employing millions of people and generating more than a trillion euros in revenue, but also one of the most regulated ones in the world. And rightly so: with billions of people all over the world using prescription and over the counter drugs on a regular basis, the quality and safety of these medications are vital to the health of the public.


Hospitals and other healthcare parties need to comply with a growing set of standards to guarantee patient safety. This results in an increasing amount of separate procedures and additional pressure on medical staff.


For companies manufacturing cosmetics products, new European legislation has been enforced since July 2013. This means that every cosmetics product has to meet strict safety criteria, including the important ISO 22716 norm. To comply with these criteria, a thorough quality management system (QMS) is crucial.


Quality by Design works for lots of big and small pharmaceutical and biotech companies. And although the required fields of expertise are similar in both industries, QbD knows like no other how different both industries are, and that they require a very specific approach.