Quality management under control with QualityKick™

Get your quality processes under control and make your life easier, with the most comprehensive Quality Management Software on the market

We make quality management easy

Writing down your quality processes is one thing, but making sure everybody is aware of them and following-up on events, CAPAs and a plethora of related actions is what keeps QA people awake at night. With QualityKick™ you can reclaim your peaceful nights again.

Quality Kick works with different browsers

No Installation Required

QualityKick™ is a “web-based” application. Meaning that you connect to it over the internet by simply using your web browser. As long as you have an internet browser installed and a working internet connection, you will be able to log in to QualityKick™.

The connection between your browser and the QualityKick™ application is encrypted at all times.

qualitykick works everywhere

Works Everywhere

Because QualityKick™ is a web-based application, it is hosted in the cloud. This means that you can access it from everywhere as long as you have a device with an internet connection. As users are more and more comfortable to use different types of devices like smartphones and tablets, also in regulated industries, we have made sure that QualityKick™ works flawlessly on these devices too.

qualitykick works fast

Works Fast

In our opinion, there’s nothing more annoying than a slow application. When connecting to commercial web pages we expect fast loading times, preferably under 2 seconds per web page. This shouldn’t be any different for business applications where users have much more important things to do than waiting for a slow application to load or save data. Therefore we make sure that we keep a high standard with regards to the loading speed of QualityKick™.

qualitykick has great user experience UX

Great User Experience

The guided tour which loads automatically when new users log in for the first time, the feature explanations in the application and the field explanations in the forms, the easy-to-use design and layout, etc., all it helps users to learn easily how QualityKick™ works. This ensures that users are productive soon.

Different QMS Modules

QualityKick consists of different modules which you can activate depending on your needs. Each module solves a specific part of your Quality Management processes.

document control

Document Control

Edit your documents comfortably with MS Word and push them through a configurable review and approval process where each relevant user is notified automatically to perform her task.



Configure different types of events like deviations, non-conformities or complaints. This module then makes it easy to register any of these events after which root cause analysis can be performed and decide if a CAPA is required.



Define your CAPA plan, register CAPA actions and check its effectiveness. The automated notifications upon status change make sure that the relevant persons follow-up in a timely manner and CAPAs don’t get stuck.

change control

Change control

This module enables you to create and assign all the relevant tasks of a required change to specific users. These users must then sign off on them individually. Proof can of course be uploaded and QA reviews and signs off once all tasks have been completed.



Know at all times who needs to be trained, and for what. Define which documents need to be read and which tasks need to be finished and leave the rest up to the trainings module to keep track of everything.



Register and qualify your lab instruments or manufacturing machines and define recurring maintenance and calibration tasks. After this the Equipment module makes sure to notify the relevant persons to perform recurrent tasks and sign off on them.


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