For organisations that have to deal with strict regulations and process standardisation – like life sciences companies and hospitals we provide different tools through QbD Software. How? By offering a quality management system (QMS) named QualityKick™, a cost-effective platform to manage documents, workflows and quality management.

The ExpressPack Quality QMS is easy to integrate, user-friendly and highly versatile. It offers a range of products to follow up your quality management process flawlessly, including:

  • Document
  • Events & CAPA
  • Training
  • Audit
  • Validation
  • Change Control
  • Suppliers
  • Equipment

At QbD, we believe the ExpressPack Quality QMS will make a big difference for your quality management process. It will help you save time and money thanks to smooth integration and efficient processes, and helps to reduce compliancy risks. The result? You are able to focus on what truly matters: better quality management.


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