Are you planning to improve your quality management, but don’t know where to start? We are happy to advise and assist you during this process. With the right guidance and support – based on your specific needs – we set you up so that you will be able to manage your quality independently in the end.

Compliancy of products to relevant legislation and guidelines

One important aspect of quality management is the compliancy of products to relevant legislation and guidelines. Based on our extensive knowledge and experience, we offer companies quality management consultancy and advice on validation and compliancy to a wide range of rules. Besides advice, we also provide so-called qualified persons (QP). According to GMP Annex 16, a qualified person must be responsible for the certification of production batches. He or she controls the manufacturing process, performs quality control checks and certifies the product. Our QPs are readily available in Belgium and the Netherlands, for long and short term assignments.

Looking for quality management experts?

Our quality management experts can also help you prepare for both internal and external audits, including quality internal audits, vendor compliance audits and validation audits.

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