QbD Software has a versatile range of technological solutions developed especially for quality management in the life sciences, biotech and med-tech industries. It’s the ideal remedy against generic, off-the- shelf software that doesn’t really fit your processes anyway. It’s also a cure for costly, custom-made systems that take ages to build. Instead, QbD Software enables you to quickly build systems that are fully tailored to your specific needs and are in line with all software validation standards.

QbD Software currently comprises four solutions: Scilife™ QMS, CentralKick™ Portal, LabKick™ LIMS and QbD Software™ Framework. All those platforms enable you to build exactly what you need, in a fast and cost-effective way. Say goodbye to the ineffective circulation of spreadsheets, Word docs and e-mails: QbD Software ensures the optimal performance of your quality management systems, while enabling you to improve your workflow, optimize your flows and reduce your costs drastically.

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Easy integration thanks to four-tier system

The products of QbD Software have been developed in such a way, that they can be easily integrated with other systems according to a four-tier model, consisting of:

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