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In 2011, QbD was founded in Flanders, Belgium by Bart Van Acker. Together with his companion Albert Verschoor, they built a solid network and quickly brought in their first projects. Helped by Albert’s roots in the Netherlands, QbD also launched an office in that country, in 2013. QbD kept on growing rapidly and in 2016, they even opened a QbD Spain office in Barcelona. That same year, QbD crossed the Atlantic and opened a fourth QbD office in Mexico, thanks to a take-over of the local firm BPF.

Meanwhile, QbD quickly discovered that the available software to perform quality controls was very expensive, and for smaller companies even unaffordable. This often forced these players to work paper-based. In 2017, QbD launched QbD Software, its own affordable SaaS solution and the only available software that is offered fully validated.

One year later, in 2018, QbD offices opened in Colombia. And finally, QbD entered 2019 with a big bang, with the foundation of QbD Wallonia (the south and French speaking part of Belgium) and QbD France. Currently, QbD has its eye on several expansion opportunities in Europe.

More countries, more knowledge

Today, QbD has offices in six countries (Belgium, the Netherlands, France, Spain, Mexico and Colombia) and has become a knowledge-driven company, both on a national and international level. This enables QbD to produce new insights and to approach problems from different angles. QbD doesn’t only exchange knowledge, but also physical resources. QbD’s office in California for example often relies on our Mexican colleagues for help. And if QbD’s office in Spain lacks a certain type of expertise, their Belgian colleagues will lend a hand. This way, QbD serves its clients as an international network, which in turn strengthens our position as a knowledge-based organization.

International projects

Its global network enables QbD to execute projects in many places. QbD’s services are not limited to the countries in which it has offices: QbD also pushes itself to the limit when it comes to isolated projects in other countries. Some examples:

On the map, you can see all the places where QbD has executed international projects. And undoubtedly, many more will follow in the future.

Qbd Around the world map QbD offices and projects
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