QbD around the world

Barely two years after QbD was founded, QbD the Netherlands was born; an obvious choice given the origin of Albert Verschoor, Bart’s partner. Which is also why Albert became the General Manager of QbD the Netherlands. These developments immediately set the tone: in 2013, QbD became an international company.

Because they’re all subject to the same needs, the pharmaceutical, biotech and life sciences sectors are all fairly similar, regardless of their location in the world.

This fact, combined with the motivation to become the best player on the global market, resulted in the quick introduction of QbD on a foreign level. And thanks to the international contacts, other opportunities overseas quickly came along as well; opportunities that QbD just had to grab.

QbD currently has sites in six different countries. The sites don’t just share knowledge locally, but also with the other sites on an international level. This is an easy way of creating new insights and looking at a specific problem through different perspectives.

And in addition to sharing knowledge, QbD also regularly exchanges physical resources. The sales office in California, for example, often relies on the resources of the Mexico office. In another case, a Belgian QbD’er may assist the Spain office whenever it’s in need of specific expertise it doesn’t have yet.

This way, QbD positions itself as an international network.

International projects

Because of its extensive global network, QbD carries out projects on a highly distributed basis. This means that QbD does not limit itself to the countries of its sites: it also goes all out whenever its receives a request for non-recurring foreign projects.

For example: QbD has already worked on projects in the Middle East, France, China, Japan, the United States etc.


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