Discover QbD’s Academy Model

Being a company in the life sciences industry, you probably have many projects of a temporary nature. Permanently hiring experienced employees for these projects leads to unnecessary costs, while young graduates often do not have the required expertise yet. Furthermore, we can imagine that you may want to know if new employees fit your organisation and team, before contracting them, right? Fortunately, QbD’s Academy Model offers a unique approach to this challenge.

Via our Academy Model we offer highly-educated young professionals for your temporary projects. The perfect opportunity to get to know someone and find out if he or she is a match for your organisation and team. In addition, you also benefit from a flexible workforce planning. Our young professionals support your projects. However, if needed, you can freely choose to offer them a permanent contract after 14 months. It’s all up to you!

How do we guarantee optimal results?

We recruit young engineers and scientific masters and PhDs for a specific project – always in close dialogue with your company. We aim to select candidates with your project’s specific needs in mind, in addition to our standard high-quality criteria. This way, you rest assured that consultants optimally fit into your company culture. Candidates receive continuous relevant skill and methodology training while gaining valuable on-the-job experience within your company. The result? Your company can always count on highly-educated young professionals, that are optimally coached.

The academy model: how to become QbD consultant or client contract

Duration of the programme

It depends on the project how long it will take to complete an Academy Model programme, but the average programme takes at least 14 months and two years at the most. At the end of the programme, the employee may get a job offer at the client’s company or remain a QbD employee. We are convinced this method has proven to be a success: almost 40 percent of the young professionals within our Academy Model make the change-over to our clients.

Optimal training and guidance

Intensive on-the-job learning goes hand in hand with a specialized training programme, which is organised by experienced QbD consultants. They share their knowledge with our young professionals, not only at the start of the project but throughout the whole programme. This takes place through various channels, from video to the traditional classroom and our QbD Competence Centres and Thinktanks. Together, we create a true knowledge community! Moreover, our Academy Model employees exchange best practices on a dedicated platform, while senior mentors monitor their performance.

Unique benefits for all involved

The Academy Model benefits both companies and young professionals. For companies, it’s like cherry picking from carefully selected, highly-educated young professionals. With help of the Academy Model, you’ll be able to efficiently manage projects and resources, while avoiding unnecessary costs of permanent employment. Young professionals on the other hand get to realize their full potential by continuously acquiring theoretical and practical knowledge. They are able to discover the best of both worlds: working as a consultant and acquiring experience working at a company.

Duration of the programme

The Academy Model’s training programme focuses on very specific validation and quality expertise, combined with management and skills building. Naturally, as our client, you will also have a say in the specific training programme. It includes various specialized introductory courses such as:

  • Introduction in Good Manufacturing Practices (GMP)
  • Introduction in validation basics
  • Introduction in Pharmaceutical Quality Management Systems (QMS)
  • Root cause analysis
  • Sterilisation validation
  • Audit training
  • Introduction in cleaning validation
  • Quality Risk Management (QRM)
  • Technical writing
  • Introduction in statistics

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