Within any regulated quality system, an audit process is required for its approval. This includes both internal and external audits. Internal audits, along with supplier audits, are tools that ensure continuous improvement to a business environment. External audits, like customer audits or audits by the government, are a tool for verifying compliance or agreement between business processes on the one hand and procedures and regulations on the other.

QbD offers advice and support enabling you successfully to carry out and undergo an audit. During our internal quality audit, we check whether your company is operating properly – based on our experience with other clients. We investigate compliance of your processes, equipment and (ERP) software during our validation audit to see whether you comply with legislation and guidelines. When you are working with a third party, like a software supplier, it’s important that this supplier is compliant and aware of relevant legislation and guidelines as well. That’s why we also offer vendor compliance audits.

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