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What do you get when you turn the QbD office into a distillery for one day?

Some of the most delicious liqueurs in the world! On May 12, a group of enthusiastic QbD’ers rolled up their sleeves to create some tasty brewages. Together they produced twenty litres of Limoncello, Fragolecello, Gingerini and cherry liquor, to enjoy at QbD’s five year anniversary on June 11. Although the real tasting still takes some time, we love to give you a foretaste.


Biological lemons, pure alcohol, some sugar and a little patience is all you need to produce one of the smoothest liqueurs in the world.


The real taste of spring, made by submerging strawberries in vodka, adding some water and sugar and letting it rest.


A herbal and super refreshing drink: one of our favorite drinks! All you need is gin, water, lemons, ginger and sugar.

Cherry liquor

What do you get when you mix wodka, cherries and sugar and let it rest? A fruitful, fresh and mouthwatering cherry liquor.

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