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Wedding bells for Bart and Elly

The Summer of 2017 was a bit warmer for the QbD family, with Bart (CEO) and Elly (HR director) uniting in matrimony. It’s not every day that you get to be part of such a joyful event. They have been the mother and father of QbD all along, while making an exciting personal and professional journey together. We felt like sharing some snippets of the day with you.

Saturday 5 August was the Big Moment: the party of the year that the whole of QbD had been looking forward to! The day started at the Felix Pakhuis, where Elly and Bart officially said ‘yes!’ to each other. Elly looked astonishing in her classy dress, stylishly completed with beautiful accessories and with Bart, proud as can be, standing next to her, all suited up.

The star next to them was their daughter Renske, all decked out in a little white dress and carrying her own colourful bouquet. She was more than happy to steal the limelight at mommy’s and daddy’s big day. As the whole party left the Felix Pakhuis, the sun was shining warmly over Antwerp’s ‘Eilandje’. We all went to the Bar du Port café then to propose a first toast on the newlyweds.

In the afternoon, the party continued at La Riva where Elly, on her father’s arm, floated above the white carpet to the song ‘How long will I love you’. The best man and the maid of honour told some amusing stories about the two lovebirds, and then Bart and Elly also shared their warm words for one another. Tears of joy and happiness soon welled up among everyone present.

After this intimate ceremony, the bubbles started flowing. While the guests enjoyed culinary treats, Bart took the opportunity to thank everyone who helped to realize this beautiful day. Once the desserts had been consumed, it was show-time! Bart and Elly were surprised by their friends, family and colleagues with videos, songs and performances.

Elly’s friends put up a surprising slideshow. Funny flashbacks from her life – and all the adventures they experienced together – filled the party with laughter. Next, little Renske moved us all with a touching poem. Of course, QbD could not stay behind, so we showed our best vocal talents. 70 QbD colleagues performed the songs ‘Habiba’, ‘Daar gaat ze’ and ‘Kom van dat dak af’ with personalized lyrics. Bart and Elly were completely surprised and didn’t believe their eyes when they were given more than 80 bottles of wine, all with personal messages attached to them. Good job, QbD people!

The show went on, as Bart’s brother Wim sang an unforgettable Dutch version of ‘Les Lacs du Connemara’. True to the Belgian tradition of this wedding classic, the white handkerchiefs instantly went up in the air! Finally, Bart’s friends had also prepared a musical act: a real Antwerp classic for a real son of Antwerp. Full of enthusiasm, they sang their version of Antwârpe .. gij zé ga veur mij’.

After these heart-warming performances, it was time to hit the dancefloor and get the party started. We kept on dancing until the early hours, some of us even barefoot, and there was no stopping us.

It’s clear that we can look back at a memorable day, which Bart and Elly fully enjoyed. There’s no doubt that all those present, including a big part of the QbD team, will reminisce about those great moments in the years to come.

Dear Bart and Elly, the whole of QbD wishes you a beautiful future, filled with love and happiness. Many kisses and hugs from all of us.

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