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Unique collaboration with Wase Werkplaats and Kunst+

Wase Werkplaats and Quality by Design have recently become each other’s customer. QbD is assisting the sheltered workshop with advice about pharmaceutical legislation. Wase Werkplaats is helping QbD to create its promotional gifts. They fill bottles of traditional limoncello and apply the superb labels by Kunst+. This makes a bottle of limoncello from QbD even more of a must-have than before.

Limoncello by QbD

In early 2012, QbD ventured out on a wonderful exercise in teambuilding. It made its own limoncello: fifty litres of organic quality, which it neatly filled into slender bottles for customers. The experiment was very moreish. Early this year, QbD produced a hundred bottles of fragole cello based on strawberries. To be served as aperitif or digestive.

Socially responsible limoncello

This autumn QbD is going for partnerships. The production process remains with QbD. All the lemon peel passes through the hands of a QbD team member. Wase Werkplaats makes the work easier: they do the filling and labelling. Packaging is a core activity for Wase Werkplaats. The company also undertakes contracts for pharmaceutical companies. The processes and shipped products must then comply with regulations. Quotations need to contain the right elements and the workshop must perform the contracts in accordance with the specifications. An industrial pharmacist is responsible for releasing the finished products. Quality by Design is assisting Wase Werkplaats with advice about regulations and quality management.

The creative input in the packaging process of the liqueur comes from Kunst+, a non-profit workshop for artists with intellectual disabilities. Their twelve designs ensure the continued existing of limoncello by QdB.

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Limoncello labels designed by Kunst+ artists

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