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Limoncello to a top-quality year

Once a year, the QbD office turns into a small but diligent production unit. While our customers’ granulators, autoclaves, capsule fillers, blister sealers and lotion mixers are working at full steam, our QbD team is focused on rasping peels of organic lemons. The peels go into a glass jar for four weeks, together with a good dash of alcohol.


Producing limoncello is a work of patience. Early in December, after some further processing and packaging, the final outcome is delightful.

In the weeks before Christmas, most of the bottles have been handed to our customers. Many thanks to Kunst+ for the splendid labels, and Wase Werkplaats for the assistance in the packaging process.

The cooler, the better

The liquore di limone di QbD is at its best when kept at 4 to 5°C, or even in your freezer compartment. The longer limoncello sits, the smoother it gets. You can use it as a digestive after the meal, or drink it with prosecco and tonic water. To a top-quality 2014!

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