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Taking our clients on a symphonic tour to Russia… in Brasschaat

Saturday 14 July 2018, shortly after our Belgian Lions captured bronze in Russia, we welcomed our guests to our annual client event. At Brasschaat Klassiek, on our personal QbD terrace, we kicked off our VIP Summer Night with a punchy Moscow Mule, Gin & Tonic, other refreshing drinks and assorted tasty dishes.

Then our guide and conductor, Robert Groslot and his symphonic orchestra took us on a classical journey through Russia. Russia has a lot to offer, so we took two nice pauses on our private terrace, enjoying the sparkling company, the fizzy drinks and other refreshments and desserts.

After the concert, the more daring among us could venture a Waltz on the dance floor. It was a magical evening. Hopefully, all of our clients and their partners enjoyed Brasschaat Klassiek as much as we did!

Thanks – or: “Большое спасибо – bal-shoye spa-see-ba” to all the attendees for making it such a wonderful evening!


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