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Summer 2019 – Back again with new QbD updates!

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Here we are with our mid-year corporate update. I want to use this intro to shine a light on the ISPE Biotech Conference we’re organizing with ISPE Europe on September 25 and 26 in Brussels. The conference will stretch out to very different subjects, but with a special focus on Cell Therapy. You can even register for a workshop about that specific topic on September 26, which will be held at our office. It would be great to see you there!

Besides that, I told you in the last edition that I was competing for the title of Flemish Young Entrepreneur of the Year, and at the end of the evening, it turned out that I got elected for this one too! It was an historic evening and it wouldn’t have been possible without all of you! So I want to thank you again for your trust and loyalty.

Now, let’s tell you something more about what we have been up to these past few months with QbD.

Happy reading!

Qbd Wallonia

Kick-off event for QbD Wallonia

On Monday June 24, we organized a small official opening event for our new office in Wallonia. General Manager QbD Wallonia & France, Sébastien Collet, welcomed 25 QbD’ers that evening. Sébastien is determined to make QbD Wallonia a great success. It seems like that won’t be a problem, since two consultants are already working for QbD Wallonia and another two will start later this year.

Dutch Life Sciences Conference

QbD will be hosting 2 tracks at the Dutch Life Sciences Conference, which is an important life sciences business network event in the Netherlands. This 15th edition will take place at the Leiden Bio Science Park on November 28. The topic for our track will be ‘how to build a successful community around the development of ATMPs. Challenges, lessons learned and funding solutions are all topics that will be touched on that day.

ISPE Europe biotechnology conference

Together with ISPE Europe, we’re organizing a biotechnology conference in Brussels on 25 and 26 September. On the second day of this conference, people will be able to attend the ISPE Europe Biotechnology Conference Workshop, which will be organized at the QbD offices. The focus of this workshop will be our focal point: ATMPs. We’re obviously really looking forward to this major event! You can still register. It will be a must-visit event for all professionals active in biotechnology. It would be really great to see you there!

Market introduction of new medical devices: submit under MDD or MDR?

Countries rely on the use of medical devices to achieve universal health coverage, respond to health emergencies and keep populations safe. We see companies designing and developing more and more devices and trying to find their way to a market approved status. Among others, this market strategy has to take into account important things like the ISO 13485:2016 standard, CE-marking of the product, FDA approval and many more. And since the new Medical Devices Regulation (MDR) will take effect in 2020, the process is getting even more complex. No wonder all medical devices stakeholders want to jump aboard this approaching train. You can read a full blogpost about this and download a whitepaper on Medical Devices Regulation on our website.

New training: Data Integrity

QbD has a wide range of training offers. You can hire a QbD expert to come and give you a training on a certain topic. We’re happy to announce that we’re organizing a new training on Data Integrity. We have an outstanding whitepaper on Data Integrity which you can always download. And if you’re interested in this training, you can find more information about that on our website.

Knowledge Center: Validation & Qualification

As you might know, we have four different competence centers at QbD. Every Competence Center is set up around a certain topic and has one or two leaders/experts to organize a meeting three times a year. During these meet-ups, they discuss, work and brainstorm around that specific topic. All our employees can sign up for one or more Competence Centers of their choice. On our website you can now read more about what the last Competence Center Validation & Qualification was about last time.

ISPE Member Spotlight: Bart Van Acker

Bart has been an ISPE member for 12 years now and also joined the board a few years ago. Every month, ISPE puts one of their members in the spotlight, and in July ISPE chose Bart. They interviewed him for this special occasion. You can read the full article here.

tom lokermans cfo qbd

QbD welcomes new CFO Tom Lokermans

Tom Lokermans joined our team as Chief Financial Officer and therefore also became a member of the board. He will take over different financial tasks from our COO Martijn Reniers. This way, Martijn can further focus on QbD’s international growth.

PILS (Partners in Life Science) is now a non-profit organization

PILS, Partners in Life Science, was established in 2014 as a collaboration between Reditech and QbD. Today, 5 years later, PILS has grown into a group of enthusiastic and customer-driven companies, with a strong focus on life sciences. PILS currently has 10 members, who recently felt like taking another big step for the status of the organization.
On Thursday June 27, The CEO’s of all PILS members came together and signed an agreement to turn PILS into an official non-profit organization. This will make things a lot easier to execute projects under the PILS umbrella.

Flemish Young Entrepreneur of the Year 2019

On June 6, the JCI named Bart as Flemish Young Entrepreneur of the Year 2019. Our CEO managed to beat the winners of the other four provinces: Filip Timmermans (Skilpod), An Warrens (KDS), Moustapha Kharbouch (Ensur) and Gunter Ghysels (Get Driven). The organization quoted the following about QbD and Bart: “The enormous growth QbD went through in the past few years, which was both sustainable and strategic, is truly impressive. And the company isn’t just making large strides in Belgium, but on an international level as well. Also, QbD contributes a lot to a socially highly relevant industry. That’s why Bart absolutely deserves this award.”
We obviously don’t need to say we’re very proud of this achievement!

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