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Saturday June 11th was party day!

Saturday June 11th was party day! Our staff, clients and partners were invited at the picturesque castle “Tivoli” in Mechelen for an evening of eating, drinking, chatting and dancing. In short: for celebrating our lustrum QbD style…

We started our party with champagne and appetizers (including delicious oysters), before assembling in the main room for a speeches by Bart van Acker and masterchef Roger Van Damme, owner of restaurant ‘Het Gebaar’ (one star) and also known for his appearances on the culinary TV-Channel ‘Njam!’. Roger explained how assuring the quality of a dish – in this case: a dessert for 250 people – is very similar to that of any other product, like pharmaceuticals for example: it’s all a matter of good preparation.

After the speeches the guests enjoyed the starters and the main courses, before digging in to the culinary highlight of the evening: the delicious star dessert prepared by Roger Van Damme, accompanied by one of the four ‘home made by QbD’ liqueurs.

And at 11PM it was time to put the tables aside and dance, dance, dance!

All guests went home with a case containing 4 bottles, one for each above mentioned liqueurs, and our employees also got a Smartfit-bracelet, which they will need for our internal “We like to move it, move it”-campaign, combining three things QbD finds very important: fun, health and teamspirit.

We hope that everybody enjoyed the party as much as we did, and we’re very thankful to have shared this moment with no less than 250 attendees, a number beyond our wildest expectations.
5YQbD was a blast, we’re already looking forward to the 10Y-edition!

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