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Quality by Design in the launch issue of MARK Magazine

On 18 November, Jobat is launching the new magazine MARK. Under the heading Teambuilding at Tomorrowland, Bart Van Acker talks about Quality by Design and why working there is such fun and so interesting. A must-read!

It’s all about people
Business interest in validation and quality systems is growing as regulations increase. Just two years after its start-up, Quality by Design already employs 45 consultants, especially engineers and industrial pharmacists. It is adding two or three new employees every month. In October, QbD started a Netherlands office in Leiden.

People are literally and figuratively the biggest capital of a consultancy firm like QbD. Recruiting is crucial in this. “Our people are all we have, so we pull out all the stops to make them feel comfortable in our company”, says Bart. He speaks about the benefits of being small-scale, the Academy Model, the QbD Think Tank, the excursion to Tomorrowland and the home-made limoncello for customers.

MARK is Jobat’s new employer branding platform. It has a magazine, a website, newsletters and channels on social media. The first issue of MARK Magazine is to be published as newspaper supplements in De Standaard on Monday 18/11 and in Het Nieuwsblad a day later. The article about QbD comes out again in the second issue.

Read the article here (Dutch text only).

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