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Quality by Design introduces QbD Spain

New company for cooperation with Spanish life sciences companies opens gateways to Latin American market.

Quality by Design (QbD), the expert in quality management for enterprises in the pharmaceutical, biotechnical and cosmetics industries, joins forces with Spanish life sciences companies under the name of QbD Spain. The new company willl provide specialised solutions to pharmaceutical and biopharmaceutical companies – is a new step for the company in its cooperation with the Spanish-speaking market.

QbD Spain is aimed at cooperation between local partners in the Benelux and Spain, who strengthen each other when it comes to expertise, market knowledge and network. Partners from both regions join forces to improve and develop their service to the market. This applies for various subjects, from product development to commercial production. The first results are promising. QbD Spain started activities in a couple of manufacturing companies in Barcelona. In addition, the first agreements with life sciences companies in Mexico are scheduled for the end of November 2016.

Bart van Acker, founder and managing director of Quality by Design: “We are proud to lay the foundation of a close cooperation between life sciences companies in the Benelux and Spain. With a network of reliable, qualified partners – optimally complementing each other – we are able to realise our international growth together in an organic and stable way. With QbD Spain we also strive to find our way to the Spanish life sciences and pharmaceutical market in Latin America – including Mexico, Chile and Colombia.”

Jose De Colsa, International Business Director of Quality by Design talks about the opening QbD Spain (QbD PharmaProjects Spain): “We are very pleased with the first projects in Spain for QbD Spain and being part of a big international consultancy company will positively impact our footprint in Spain. We are very confident of our future success within this region”

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