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Quality body Design? Sports is alive and kicking @QbD!

After moving into new offices in May, QbD has kept on moving with a multitude of sports activities. Here’s our mini soccer team, who finished 4th in the Aurelium tournament with the help of a cute mascot and snappy, aerodynamic QbD outfits.

Sports adds sparkle to team spirit

Spring bustled with lots of QbD sports highlights. In April our athletes ran the Antwerp 10 Miles in bright pink QbD shirts. QbD soccer and volleyball teams took part in various tournaments. At the Hercules Trophy our Pink Pandas finished third, while the Kitsch by Design team became 11th with a special nomination for the coolest outfit. Team #QbDLove ended well within the top20, in 17th place.

Your personal fitness trainer @QbD

The new QbD offices have all the facilities to take fitness lessons and freshen up with a shower afterwards. QbD collaborators are welcome for the weekly sports sessions, guided by Sebert Penen from My Personal Coach. Every Monday they can enjoy tailormade programmes, monitored by their personal trainer.

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