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QbD @ Volleyball tournament 'Onder Den Toren': fun, team spirit and a bronze trophy

QbD’s trophy case has a brand new, bronze addition. Last month, our team, including myself, brought back a shiny trophy for reaching the third place at the volleyball tournament ‘Onder den Toren’ in Mechelen. This exciting sport event is becoming a true QbD tradition and i’m glad we’re getting better each year.

30 teams from 24 different companies participated in this competition. Strongly encouraged by many supporters, we played seven different matches against our athletic rivals. We reached the quarterfinals without any hassle by winning 4 consequent games, after which our sportsmen managed to grab third place.

But placing that bronze trophy on our fireplace is just a small detail compared to all the fun we had that day. The dedication of our athletes, combined with the massive turnout of supporters, made this event yet another showcase of QbD’s great team spirit and zest. Thanks to all the attendants! I had a blast!

Curious about our team or that beautiful trophy? Check out our photo report here.

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