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QbD the Netherlands and Holland Bio organise inspiring event on Personalised Medicine

When it comes to fruitful partnerships, we at QbD say: the more, the merrier. To meet up with existing and potentially new partners, Lodewijk of QbD the Netherlands organised an inspiring event together with Holland Bio: ‘Personalised Medicine, from lab to patient’.

The event, which took place on 23 November at the BioTech training facility in Leiden, turned to be a successful crossover on various levels. For starters, it brought together organisations from the north and the south of the Low Countries, from Leiden tot Antwerp and Maastricht. Next to this, it enabled young starters to connect with experienced CEOs and managers. Of course, the QbD family was also represented, as Wim, Bart en Michiel from QbD Belgium gladly participated.

During the session, Personalised Medicine was discussed from various points of view: While industrial pharmacist Bram Keymolen discussed the implications of the new guidelines and regulations for Advanced Therapy Medicinal Products, Johannes de Munter shared his knowledge as CEO and entrepreneur about the challenges of starting and buiding a Personalised Medicines organisation. Researcher Nathalie Cools lectured the audience about research and clinical trials in personalised medicine. Afterwards, some participants enjoyed a guided tour of the facility, which has been developed especially for training purposes. Its main goal is to enable professionals from smaller companies to work with specific pharmaceutical machinery. Whatever his or her background: it’s safe to say that every participant can look back on an insightful and fascinating event.

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