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QbD joins HollandBIO community – the Dutch association for the biotech industry

Every day lots of products are developed and produced with the help of biotechnology, including products in the pharmaceutical, healthcare and food industry. HollandBIO connects and supports the biotech industry in the Netherlands. It represents over 140 companies in the field of medical, agrifood and industrial biotech.

As your partner in validation, tech transfers and quality management in the life sciences industry, QbD is proud to announce that we have joined the HollandBIO community. Working with HollandBIO, we are able to further expand our activities in the biotechnology industry and optimise our service to our clients like Abbott, Bilthoven Biologicals, Campina, DSM, Janssen Pharmaceutica, MSD, and Sanquin.

Albert Verschoor, managing partner at QbD the Netherlands: “Thanks to our new HollandBIO community membership, we are able to exchange knowledge and expertise with other well-known parties in the biotechnology industry. This way, we are able to further optimise our service to biotech companies. Being an association for the Dutch biotech industry, HollandBIO looks after the interests of biotech companies and supports their success. QbD is pleased to contribute its mite by supporting other members’ achieving GxP compliance and the application of the Quality by Design methodology. Of course, HollandBIO is also the perfect network organisation to introduce QbD to new, interesting companies in the biotechnology industry.”

More information? Read the announcement by HollandBio here

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