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QbD goes Slovenia! Report of our ‘Weekendje Weg’ 2016

In the early – very early – morning of October 29, the day all QbD employees had been looking forward to had finally come. With last June’s anniversary party in the back of our minds, everybody was ready for another memorable QbD moment. After attracting quite some attention at Zaventem airport – maybe our QbD jackets had something to do with it – we were ready to board our own private, QbD-styled airplane. And after listening to a few words provided by Bart – ‘Ladies and gentlemen, this is your CEO speaking’ – we headed towards Trieste, Italy.

From Trieste we were taken to Izola, Slovenia, for a real sailing regatta. Fortunately, thanks to our local Slovenian captains, nobody was seasick and everybody enjoyed the beautiful weather. After an hour or two we entered the beautiful port of Piran. Being thirsty from the competitive activity, everybody descended on a terrace to enjoy some refreshing drinks. After a delicious lunch – of course including various types of sea food – we enjoyed a walking tour through Piran and toasted near a little church overlooking the city.

The next surprise included the beautiful hotel Kempinski Palace Portoroz, our home for the coming night. There was some time for people to rest, take a walk or enjoy the luxurious hotel spa. After a couple of hours, everybody had recharged their batteries for our evening programme in our own private beach bar. People ate, drank, danced and some people even tried to brush up on their DJ skills…

The next day, during breakfast, we saw a lot of tired – though happy – faces. Some people had slept like a log, while others had noticed the tremors caused by the earthquake in Umbria, Italy. After satisfying our hunger – or relieving our headache, for some – we headed towards the beautiful Škocjan Caves for a two-hour walk. And after another glass of champagne and a lunch, it was time to head back to the airport. Our QbD-styled airplane was ready to take us back to Belgium, and we looked back on a successful weekend – characterised by team building, socialising and shared pride of QbD. Thanks for the great weekend!

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