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PILS symposium 18/10/2018: about Smart Data and AI in Life Sciences

Some of you may already know PILS, but for those who don’t: PILS (Partners in Life Sciences) was founded by Bart Van Acker (CEO Quality by Design) and Werner Fransen (CEO Reditech) a few years ago. Since then PILS has grown into a group of enthusiastic, ambitious and customer-driven companies, with a strong focus on life sciences.

PILS was founded based on the belief you’re stronger together and better able to create more value for your customers. The group of companies closely follows the different market developments and trends. Sharing knowledge is of their focus points. As PILS, they can offer solutions beyond what a single company can achieve.

With the 10-member milestone reached, the time was right for the first PILS event! So on 18 October, PILS organized a promising symposium called ‘How Smart is your Data? Practical Cases of Big Data and AI in Life Sciences’. The place to be was Quartier Papier in Zaventem. More than 100 people attended the presentations of 7 interesting speakers and 3 general sessions:

  • How to become a data-centric company – Stijn Floren, Sales Manager Google Cloud
  • AI based CT analysis for US NIH (National Institutes of Health) – Jonathan Berte, CEO Robovision
  • A living nose on chip: unlocking data in olfaction – Elke Giets, Managing Director Mousensor

In between, people were able to attend two of the four breakout sessions:

  • Adopting analysis: develop a data culture by moving beyond specialists and experiments – J. Van de Wetering, VP Operations Trendminer
  • Wearables in healthcare: ruling in big data by mastering small data – H. Danneels, CEO Byteflies
  • How 3D printing is revolutionizing healthcare – T. van Cleynenbreugel, Business Director Healthcare, 3D SYSTEMS
  • The economical and public health impact of using data analytics to optimize antimicrobial prescriptions in a hospital setting – K. Janssens, Head of Commercial Operations Biomerieux

The participants’ feedback was highly positive: not only did they learn a lot from the interesting sessions, they were also able to connect with new people in the industry.

And before we forget: our PILS website is now live! So don’t forget to check it out and stay up-to-date on our latest PILS news!

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