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PILS – Partners in Life Sciences: booming in Belgium, brewing in Spain

On May 31st PILS welcomed many new members at its get-together in Belgium.
Meanwhile PILS is taking off in Spain as well under QbD wings. No, not as ‘CERVEZA’;-)

PILS, short for ‘Partners In Life Sciences’, is the new partnership of small Flemish companies, offering services and products in life sciences. PILS intends to enlarge its smaller sized footprint towards big pharma while enabling the members to offer their customers a broader range of services or products. Sales professionals of PILS members cooperate on a wide range of projects: work together for major clients and share knowhow through trainings, joint client events and much more.

From 5 to 11 members:
there’s strength in unity.

PILS started with 5 founding partners. Recently 6 new members have joined. The life science partners get together to discuss opportunities, share knowledge, brainstorm about creating more growth and tackle challenges in the sector.
At the meeting on May 31st at Voxdale, one of the new partners, the following Life Sciences companies took part: QbD, Reditech, Eye-Tec, Optimus, BlueCrux, Wase Werkplaats, IMA, M+W Group and Voxdale.

QbD Spain brews up PILS in Barcelona

In Q4 of 2017 José De Colsa nurtured the idea of bringing PILS Belgium to Barcelona. Three months later, PILS Barcelona took off this April with a first meet-up, led by Alicia Tebar, Managing Partner QbD Spain. Filip Heitbrink of QbD Software, partner at PILS Belgium, also joined PILS Barcelona. Partners in Spain include as well : Klinea, Codols, AG Solution, Camfil.

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