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Ovizio and Quality by Design join forces for more affordable medication

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Ovizio Imaging Systems, a company providing innovative microscopic imaging technology to the bioprocessing market, today announces its collaboration with Quality by Design (QbD) in an effort to reach cGMP-compliance for the deployment of Ovizio’s technology in manufacturing setups.

Ovizio’s technology was designed to give lab workers in companies that develop immunotherapies and vaccines real-time information about the production quality. This automation ultimately reduces the production cost.

QbD is strongly supporting Ovizio with its experience in Computer System and Device Validation to ensure the Ovizio products meet the stringent cGMP requirements of the manufacturing and clinical trials environments. This way, the compatibility of Ovizio’s imaging platform with the client’s production environments will be guaranteed.

Bart Van Acker, CEO at QbD is enthusiastic about the collaboration: “We have the right experience to support Ovizio in reaching the cGMP-compliance for its technology in 2020. I’m very happy Ovizio believes in our expertise and also proud of this new step towards better and more affordable medication.”

Ovizio is delighted to release cGMP devices specially targeted to manufacturing environments. This a key milestone in our product offering.

Serge Jooris, CTO at Ovizio

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