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Our CEO Bart Van Acker goes on Bizz Blind Date at ATV

On 17 November, our CEO Bart Van Acker went on a ‘Bizz Blind Date’ at the Antwerp based television station ATV. The format entails that two company leaders get together to chat without knowing who they’ll meet.

When Bart arrived, his date turned out to be Henk Janssen, CEO of Baloise Insurance. They had a very relaxed conversation, which revealed some interesting insights into Bart’s business and management style.

You can watch the entire program, which was broadcasted on December 2, on ATV’s website, and for those of you who don’t speak Dutch, we’ve translated the quotes that characterize Bart the most:

“I like getting constructive criticism, because it allows you to improve yourself. The problem is that as a CEO, people don’t always give you that critical feedback.”

“I wear suits during the week and sweatpants on the weekend. But the Bart Van Acker who is wearing them is always the same.”

“My weekends are sacred. I try to spend them with my family as much as I can.”

“My strengths as an entrepreneur are my ability to delegate and to set up partnerships with other companies.”

“You have to be able to let things go and to give your employees opportunities. Watching people grow within my company is something I really enjoy.”

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