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Sun, fun & a hot barbecue? Now that’s a picture perfect Office Warming Party!

QbD-008On Thursday 23 April, we inaugurated QbD’s new home with a summery Office Warming Party. And you can take the ‘warming’ part quite literally, as the sun was fully present and the charcoals for the barbecue were heating up smoothly.

Picture perfect weather

The weather in April might be tricky, but that day we were lucky to enjoy great moments outdoors. The evening started with a glass of bubbles and inspiring words from our manager. Soon enough, we all discovered the benefits of the 3 B’s: the Barbecue, the Bar and the (photo) Booth.

As these legendary get-togethers need to be captured for eternity, we hired two professional photographers and a makeup team. ‘Fotografielaan’, right?

As a result, the QbD ladies enjoyed a pleasant make up treat, after a long and hard day at the client site. Moreover, the photographers shot classy profile pictures, a new QbD group photo and lots of summery images for our photo wall. Anyway, what could go wrong with such professional models?

Hawaii girl & a short night

Our summer gadget contest added a competitive flavor to the party. In the end, our new colleague Miriam took the folding bike home. Her ‘Hawaii girl’ look proved to be a real winner: flip flops, garland, sunglasses, sunhat and a surfboard!

In the end, it turned out to be a great and long evening that ended around 1.00h in the morning. As the first training session in our new office started at 9.00 sharp, some of us needed that extra dose of coffee the next morning!

Rewind to four years ago

With four different offices in as many years, the least you can say is that QbD has been on the move. Let’s rewind for a moment. It all started in 2011, at the Rozenkransplein in Wilrijk. That same year, we moved to our first ‘real’ office at Neerveld in Kontich.

In April of last year, we packed our boxes again with Satenrozen in Kontich as our next destination. And now we have found our new home at the Fotografielaan in Wilrijk. One thing’s for sure: working at QbD never gets boring!


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