New partnership: QUERCUS Labo (QC) joins QbD Group

We’re very proud to inform you that we’ve added yet another partner to the QbD Group: QUERCUS Labo is a GMP certified contract laboratory, based in Ghent.

Quercus provides analytical services to both smaller local companies and major multinationals in the life science and health industry. Quercus offers a wide range of QC services for raw material and medicines analysis, method validation, stability studies, microbiological testing and PET testing. Quercus also holds a GMP authorisation for the release and import of medicinal products in accordance with EMA Directive 2001/83/EC, which has proven to be a great service for UK-based customers in Brexit times.

Their exceptional expertise in Quality Control is what makes them the ideal addition to our already extensive offering. Together, QbD and QUERCUS combine all the know-how needed to effectively solve all quality related issues of our customers: not only assuring quality in the process, but also quality control & testing. This means that from now on, we’re able to provide more help to both QbD and QUERCUS clients and that in some cases, companies can even outsource their entire quality department if they wish to (see graph below for details).

Expanding our expertise

Our mission is to be a partner in the development of qualitative and advanced therapies and technologies for the benefit of patients and consumers worldwide. And the bigger our field of expertise becomes, the better we will be able to complete that mission. Today, less than six months after joining forces with TRIUM CLINICAL CONSULTING, we are taking yet another big leap in our #QbDream.

And like in any true partnership, the same goes for QUERCUS and its twenty employees. QUERCUS was increasingly feeling the need to shift gear, and I’m very proud that they saw QbD as the perfect partner to make that happen. So I want to thank Raf, Patsy and Yves for their faith in us and for the very productive talks that have led to this partnership. QbD will join them as co-owner and will invest in the further growth of the company.

If you want to know what this partnership can do for you, or if you have any other questions, don’t hesitate to contact us.

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