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Limoncello engineers at work

Biological lemons, pure alcohol, some sugar and a little patience is all you need to produce one of the smoothest liqueurs in the world. Twice a year, the Quality by Design office turns into a true limoncello production unit. Is it safe? Definitely. This liquore di limone is the only digestive in the world that is exclusively made by industrial pharmacists, bio-engineers, biomedical specialists, industrial engineers, validation consultants and workflow specialists.

Kiss from the sun

With a validated vegetable peeler, our limoncello engineers remove the outer yellow skin from the lemons, put it in a validated jar and let it mingle with top quality alcohol. Four weeks later, they carefully strain the infused alcohol, prepare sugar syrup, and mix it gently with the infused alcohol. Taste check: bingo. Kiss from the sun. Prepared with care and commitment, as a thank you to our clients.

Special luxury edition 2014

De Brug vzw, a sheltered workshop, engraved the company logos on an elegant wooden case. Its leisure activity centre De Kobbe designed splendid labels. Our limoncello is at its best when kept at 4 to 5°C, or even in your freezer compartment. You can use it as a digestive after the meal, or serve it with prosecco and tonic water. To a delightful 2015!

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