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Knowledge is strength: meet our new Knowledge Manager Yves

For a consultancy business like QbD, two assets are crucial: people and knowledge. QbD Invested in a full-time Knowledge Manager. Meet Yves Dène.
Yves Dène of Team QbD

For a consultancy business like QbD, two assets are crucial: people and knowledge. When clients reach out to us with a problem, we provide the right people with the right knowledge to solve it. But the industries we work in – like life sciences, biotechnology, medical devices and pharma – are constantly evolving. And so is QbD. Many consultancy organisations face the problem that their ever-growing knowledge is scattered among all employees. QbD anticipated this problem and decided to tackle it with a full-time Knowledge Manager, who goes by the name of Yves Dène…

Yves’ main objective: gathering all the knowledge we have – which is a lot – and making it easily accessible to the right people with the right tools. This way, when a client has a challenge, we immediately know which consultant is the best one for the job and he or she can deploy all necessary QbD knowledge for the project. How we do that? Yves is happy to explain…

Knowledge platform

“One of my most important goals as a Knowledge Manager is to share knowledge internally, as effectively as possible. As an experienced QbD’er with an affinity with computer systems and applications, one of my main tasks is to support the development of adequate tools for this centralisation. In order to achieve this, we are in the process of implementing multiple tools to help us work our way through our information.

First of all, I’m responsible for our knowledge platform: this is our general central access point where all of our knowledge is stored. Our document management system, which contains all of our procedural documentation, is closely linked to that. We also have a competence matrix and CV tool, which provides our HR and Sales department with a better overview of our consultants and enables them to meet the needs of our clients by selecting the right consultant for the job – all in just one click.

Each of these tools are active within different departments, but they all have the same goal: to provide a clear overview of all QbD knowledge and to make it quickly and easily accessible. As a Knowledge Manager, my task is not only to select the appropriate tools, but also to adapt them to make them fit into our way of working.”

Competence Centres

But Yves’ job goes beyond that. He’s also responsible for overseeing our competence centres for example. These are small groups of consultants who gather to talk in-depth about different topics such as medical devices and quality systems. These same small groups also give presentations and workshops so that everyone stays up-to-speed.

QbD has a long history of sharing knowledge, not only internally but also with partners and clients. Yves’ job contains two important tasks in this aspect: he assists with publishing and distributing relevant content on the one hand, and facilitates external trainings on the other hand.

A big asset

“Very few companies are aware of the importance of investing in a Knowledge Manager, let alone what the job entails,” says Bart Van Acker, CEO at QbD. “But since Yves started in his new role, our knowledge processes are so much smoother. We’re able to get the right people to the right spot faster than ever, and we can immediately respond to questions and requests that would have taken up a lot more time in the past.”

When Bart decided to invest in a full-time Knowledge Manager, he immediately had Yves in mind. “He’s been working with us for 4 years, so he knows QbD very well,” he says. “And most importantly, he’s got more than twenty years of experience when it comes to managing records, handling complex digital systems and tools, and our industry in general. From the very beginning, Yves has had a clear vision of what needed to be done and this will take us – and our clients – very far in the future.”

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