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IQVIA, QbD and Select enter into a strategic partnership with

The global provider of information, innovative technology solutions and contract research services, IQVIA, the global supplier in leveraging therapeutic and clinical development experts to healthcare companies to innovate with confidence, QbD and the specialist in human resources & recruitment, Select enter into a strategic partnership with as of January 1st, 2019. Through these partnerships, all partners underline their commitment of fostering innovation in life sciences in general and in Flanders in particular.

“At QbD, we believe in strong partnerships. That’s why we created PILS (Partners in Life Sciences), in which we join forces with 10 complementary partners.

Our more strategic partnerships, such as those with ISPE and, are also really important to us. The one with helps us to evolve as a company and to show the market who we really are.

I’m convinced that this helps us to be visible to the right biotech companies, start-ups, etc. I’m very excited that our strategic partnership with has become official!” Adds Bart Van Acker, CEO, Quality by Design.

“The innovative nature of Biotech makes it an ideal breeding ground for start-ups. Young professionals in Life Sciences don’t let anything hold them back from realizing their dreams. But to reach such a goal, it takes more than one genius.

As start-ups grow, the search for new talent becomes inevitable and an area of HR questions arises. Select supports these starting companies with advice and recruitment. Our partnership with is a logical next step in supporting Life Sciences with these HR questions. Making sure biotech and other technical industries grow not only in numbers but in humanity as well. Select puts people first, thus reinforcing an innovative industry while focusing on genuine people,” says Bart Gonnissen, CEO of Select.

“We are extremely pleased with these new strategic partnerships. Over the past years, has moved from a pioneering role to a more content driven organisation and key player in the life sciences ecosystem. IQVIA, Select and QbD are each bringing diverse backgrounds and specific expertise into our organisation.

This way, will be able to support her members even better in the different stages of their lifecycle from start-up to scale-up and beyond. Our strategic partnerships are therefore essential in the development of our long-term strategic vision to further strengthen the life sciences ecosystem in Flanders,” explains Pascale Engelen, Co-General Manager of

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