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Interview with Johana Sandoval, Managing Director QbD Colombia

Steadily, we are building a solid presence in the Spanish and Latin American market. In 2016, we started our colaboration with QbD Spain, together with Alicia Tebar, followed by the creation of QbD Mexico, together with Jaime Castro. This year, we are proud to announce a new partnership with Johana Sandoval, who will manage QbD Colombia. Under the banner of QbD Latam, Johana and Jaime will collaborate in projects across the continent. Curious by nature, we want to know our newest partner a little better, so it’s time for a short introduction!

Johana Sandoval: “I am a system engineer from the Pontifical Javeriana Cali University, with a postgraduate degree in quality for competitiveness, ISTQB (Tester) and Scrum (Agile Methodologies) certification. I have been working for more than 13 years in pharmaceutical companies, helping in the implementation and execution of computer systems validation and equipment validation processes.
My professional training has allowed me to be an entrepreneur since 2009. As a result, I have increased my knowledge in management and projects. As a company, we have supported more than 30 clients in validation processes, which has allowed us to increase our experience and create simple and fast processes to comply with our clients’ rules and regulations.”


What attracts you to the life sciences industry?
“I am passionate about the organization and standardization of processes in this industry. It allows companies to be very productive and consistent, while maintaining high quality standards in their products and services – something we all want to achieve.”

Tell us a little about your work experience as an entrepreneur.
“My first client was J&J, where I worked for 2 years. After this experience, I saw the potential in the services I offered and the needs of the national market. That’s when Qval was born, a company that I created with a colleague and that lasted approximately 4 years: enough time to become independent and found QPro (Quality Professionals).
QPro is dedicated to advising, facilitating and guiding companies in the pharmaceutical and health care sectors to improve their processes through computer systems validation and QA software , facilitating regulatory compliance. Our consultants not only have knowledge in computer science, but also in the pharmaceutical sector. This allows us to offer better and more agile support to computerized systems, and of course it adds value to our service.”

What are Qpro’s biggest successes so far?
“To date, all our clients have been certified in BPM or BPL, which has allowed us to acknowledge that our projects have been a success. At company level, we are constantly working on ‘making a difference’, which we have achieved through:

  • Our blog: here we share our experience and teach the topics in which we are experts like ‘computer systems validation’. For QPro, it is important to transmit knowledge in Spanish, as this information is very scarce in the networks.
  • Document Store: we share and sell normative analyses and documents that help the industry to execute validation processes in a fast, easy and affordable way to comply with regulations. If the wheel has already been invented and it is useful for another company, why start from scratch?
  • Social Contribution: we are also proud of our ‘Make a Child Happy’ campaign. It is important to find a balance between economic growth and helping the most needy in our society. That’s why we created this beautiful campaign and have donated gifts to more than 1000 children with limited resources. This campaign has been successfully carried out 5 times thanks to the help of our families, friends, colleagues and clients. You can find more information on”

How did you get in touch with QbD on the other side of the world?
“It was a pleasant surprise that a European company noticed us. At QPro, we invested in communication and we like to share information, creating visibility for our website ( and therefore for our services. That’s how QBD found us.”

What was your first impression of QbD?
“It was not easy to make the big decision to be part of a group. There were many mental blocks and there was resistance to change. Furthermore, we needed to overcome the challenge of ‘physical’ distance and take advantage of technology. Finally, we made the decision to seize this great opportunity, confident that we are doing things well and that we will continue to grow together with our partners.”

Why are Qpro and QbD the perfect match? Is it positive for Qpro in Colombia to be part of QbD Group companies?
“Being part of this great group will allow us to quickly expand our knowledge and provide a more comprehensive service to our customers. Moreover, we will also learn from great experts, who have already begun to give feedback on our processes and facilitate growth.”

Last but not least, are there any professional differences between Colombia and Belgium?
“For QPro consultants, the emphasis lies on IT and on experience in the pharmaceutical sector, while at QbD the emphasis rather lies on pharmacy, biotech, healthcare, medical devices and cosmetics. We are on the road to providing excellent service. We will confidently continue to do our best to gradually remove professional and language barriers.”

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