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Getting things done together: new partnership results in QbD Software

Joining forces for 360° service in quality management

At QbD, we’re always looking for new Partnerships to offer our clients an even more complete service. By hooking up with software specialist Ipsum Works, we have now expanded our full-service package in quality management with QbD Software: a versatile range of technological solutions, developed for the life sciences and biotech industries.

Since its foundation in 2011, we have been growing steadily. Our consultants have made a crucial difference for an increasing number of leading clients in life sciences, biotech and other highly regulated industries. Sounds good? Of course, but resting on our laurels is not in our DNA! We’re always looking forward, ready to go the Extra Mile. That’s why we engaged in a partnership with Ipsum Works. Founded by Filip Heitbrink, this software specialist had already developed software packages that perfectly meet the needs of QbD clients.

The intensive partnership with the software provider, resulted in QbD Software: a versatile range of technological platforms. It’s the ideal solution for those who want to avoid generic, off-the-shelf software and have no need of costly, time-consuming custom development. Instead, QbD Software enables clients to quickly build systems tailored to their specific needs. Moreover, it easily interacts with other systems and ensures optimal user experience.

QbD is all about Getting Things Done and this partnership fits that ambition perfectly. By adding software solutions to our services, we can help our clients even better with their quality management. In the end, we need to make full use of today’s digital possibilities to create value for all our stakeholders.

“This is a fruitful two-way partnership,” Filip Heitbrink, CEO of QbD Software adds, “as QbD Software benefits from QbD’s extensive expertise in quality management, while QbD’s consultants can now offer their clients a tailored software solution. It will most certainly be a Joy to work together, thus enabling medical companies to increase their efficiency and standardize processes.”


Qbd Software currently comprises four solutions: Scilife™ QMS, LabKick™ LIMS,  CentralKick™ Portal, QbD Software Framework™. Want to learn more?

Visit the QbD Software site now.

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