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Flander’s Bio’s HELIS academy at the QbD office

Flander’s Bio is organizing a 10-day course with ten different modules for people who want to work in life sciences, but lack the necessary experience.

Through lectures, practical lessons, workshops and guided tours you will get a complete picture of and a good insight into the topics below:

  • Introduction to GMP.
  • Development process in biotech and the pharmaceutical industry.
  • Quality Assurance.
  • Contamination control.
  • Manufacturing.
  • Quality control.

This course is meant for graduates (BSc, MSc, PhD, and postdoc) and professionals who have studied another discipline within life sciences, but have no experiences in the GMP production industry. After participated this course, you will be able to qualify for jobs in production, quality control (QC), analytical method development, formulation development or quality assurance (QA).

The ten modules that form the course, are the following:

  • Module 1: Introduction to Good Manufacturing practices (GMP)
  • Module 2: Quality management system and documentation
  • Module 3: Contamination control: infrastructure – staff – cleaning
  • Module 4: Aseptic techniques
  • Module 5: Quality Management System: deviations – OOS – change control
  • Module 6: Raw materials, packaging/labelling and distribution
  • Module 7: Validation (Facility/equipment/system qualification and Process validation)
  • Module 8: Quality Control
  • Module 9: Downstream processes
  • Module 10: Aseptic production filling

Since we’re a strategic partner of Flander’s Bio and our CEO seats the Board, a large part of the course will take place at our office. Since we’re a knowledge organization, we’re of course very pleased to host this interesting course.

For more detailed information and your subscription, you can visit the website of Flander’s Bio by clicking the button below.

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