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CC QualVal pays a refreshing visit to the Duvel brewery

First ‘lay some groundworks’ at the Brasserie Jo café, then a guided tour at the Duvel brewery (including a tasting)? Sounds like the ideal recipe for a QbD team activity! And so it began …

Last week, the QualVal Competence Center team members undertook a refreshing excursion. 14 of us did a warming-up at Brasserie Jo and then we rushed to the brewery.

The guide – whose name escapes me – made us thirsty right from the start, when he started talking about Duvel. Nevertheless, we managed to listen attentively during the two-hour tour. Thanks to a great headset, we didn’t miss any of his 1000 hilarious puns.

We started the tour at the entrance of the café, of which the gate – believe it or not – originates from an old castle in France. Before being guided through the brewing hall, we were first introduced into the world of water, barley, hops and yeast. We then arrived in the big hall, where bottles were flying over conveyor belt at a rapid pace. Quite a sight! You might even compare it with, let’s say … a vial (sales colleagues, opportunity knocks!).

With only a few people at the bottling line, especially at the sorting station for the empties, they still manage to have 11 million Duvels in stock.

We ended this cosy team activity with a draft Duvel beer, and a nice chat in the Duvel café. Special thanks to the organisers!

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