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A cherry-go-round for QbD

It was a sunny Saturday afternoon in the picturesque town of Sint-Truiden. About 25 QbD staff members spent the day with their colleagues. On the agenda: a fruitful, annual activity. The goal: keep the team spirit high, have fun and get to know each other in an alternative comfort zone.

An important role was in the hands of one of the reddest fruits: the cherry. On an authentic farm, we first selected a guided tour. We weren’t picky at all (or were we?), but there’s really more to cherries than meets the eye!

Mon cherry

Cherryspecialists Ontpit

Next, it was up to us to show our picking skills. One, two, trees full of cherries were under attack by our hungry hands. The result: buckets filled with mouth watering fruits. Naturally, some of the participants could not withstand their hunger and devoured some unfortunate cherries. Still, most survived. For the moment, that is.

This year we showered the brave cherries with Absolut Vodka. Why? Because it looked pretty awesome. And of course because next year, we will have one of the best and freshest cherry liquors ever tasted. Made by ourselves, all the way from pick to swig. In other words: a perfect gift for our employees and clients.

We are already looking forward to next year. And that’s not just because of the cherry drink…
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