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Kanaal Z episode about QbD

On Thursday September 17, an emission on Z-Extra was broadcasted about QbD and the Best Managed Company Award 2020 we received the week before. The

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Quality by Design and TRIUM join forces

Together, the life sciences consultancy firms create a unique end-to-end offering for the life cycle of medical products and therapies Quality by Design (QbD), the

QbD’s mid-year strategic update

Thursday July 2, 2020, we organized our first international strategic update via webinar. Normally we give the QbD’ers a strategy heads-up during one of our

Management of QbD

QbD selected ‘Best Managed Company’ by Deloitte – Interview with CEO Bart Van Acker

Not that there has ever been a dull moment in QbD’s history, but the last year or so has been especially exciting. QbD has been growing tremendously ever since it was founded in 2011. And while this certainly didn’t go unnoticed in the life sciences industry throughout the years, its increasingly impressive path – including CEO Bart Van Acker being elected as Flemish Young Entrepreneur in June 2019 – has now also

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Focalpoint Update: QbD joins at.las

At.las (Leveraging Affordable Solutions for Advanced Therapies) is a young ecosystem, relevant for all stakeholders involved with or passionate about advanced therapies (whether it are

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