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Medication is vital, wherever you go. It’s needed to heal patients and save lives. Most of all, it must be totally safe and reliable. That’s why Quality Assurance spans the entire cycle of pharmaceutical production. Good Distribution Practices (GDP) assure quality in two essential parts of this cycle: transport and warehousing. At QbD, we gladly share our expertise to ensure that you comply with GDP.

GDP for storage & transportation

GDP regulations apply to pharmaceutical companies and – most importantly – to their logistics partners. More specifically, companies that provide storage services must have a GDP licence. As these companies store medication for more than two weeks, they have full responsibility for quality and safety. A different rule goes for transportation firms that store medicines only temporarily: they only need to be GDP compliant, with a limited amount of procedures in place.

Integrating GDP to avoid risks

Overall, GDP is all about mapping and avoiding possible risks. You need to have some elements in place to make GDP work in your organisation: well-trained employees, a perfect documentation system, validated software, as well as various facility features. Next to this, the quality team of your logistics partner must be fully competent.

Moreover, the whole organisation needs to become GDP-minded, with senior management as a key driver. From day one, sufficient investments need to be made, and competent partners have to be on board. Last but not least: GDP can only work if your Quality Management System is integrated within every department, thus ensuring one seamless process throughout the whole company.

Growing importance of GDP

The importance of GDP will only increase in light of ongoing market evolutions. For instance, regulations will become stricter in e-commerce, due to the growing number of online pharmacies. Next to this, globalisation has caused logistics to become more complex, with a continuous flow of semi-finished products and an increasing amount of transporters and subcontractors. And then there’s the problem of illegal copies. Medication can easily be forged or deflected. Control and traceability have become more important than ever.

Discover QbD’s services for GDP

With ample experience in Quality Management for the pharmaceutical industry, QbD has the expertise to make GDP work for you. From training to validation, from serialisation to track & trace: discover our wide range of services related to GDP: