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On a regular basis, our experts take the floor to discuss a hot topic in the quality management landscape. During these online trainings, broadcasted on our GoToTraining platform, they introduce you to the latest regulations and guidelines and provide you with the required information to make your company compliant.

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  • Calificación de Equipos – 16 February
  • Validación de hojas de cálculo – 1 March
  • QualityKick – 21 March
  • Integridad de datos / Data integrity – 6 April
  • Principio Quality by Design – 4 May
  • Validacion de sistemas coputarizados / GAMP 5 – 8 June
  • Buenas practicas de almacenamiento – 6 July
  • Validacion de dispositivos medicos – 3 August
  • ¿Cómo recibir una auditoria regulatoria y de clientes? – 7 September
  • Gestion de riesgos – 5 October
  • Buenas practicas de manufactura – 2 November

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