QbD’s clients range from small innovative research centres to major multinational companies in Belgium and the Netherlands. QbD helps them to control quality risks during product development, production and distribution. We focus mainly on the life sciences industry – including pharmaceutics, biotechnology and medical devices – the healthcare industry and the cosmetics industry.

Life sciences

Companies working in the life sciences industry – including pharmaceuticals, biotechnology and medical devices – are facing a growing number of rules and guidelines. QbD helps quality professionals in the life sciences sector to validate processes, equipment and software to comply with relevant legislation.


In the healthcare industry, QbD mainly works for hospitals and laboratories. Both parties need to comply with a growing set of standards nowadays. Besides, hospitals and laboratories often make use of various different quality management systems (QMS). Among others, QbD offers them system validation and quality management support to comply with legislation.


QbD supports companies in the cosmetics industry. Although the legislation and guidelines are less strict in this industry, the importance of quality and safety is becoming increasingly important. We help cosmetics manufacturers set up their Quality Management System (QMS) to ensure optimal compliance and safety.