1-day training

During this training, you will be presented with the following elements:

After this training, you will be familiar with the importance of the guidelines and have insight regarding compliance with these within your company.

Why this topic?

Safety for health and the environment of (animal) drugs, cosmetics, food additives, industrial chemicals and pesticides must be studied. Laboratories/authorities that carry out this research are required by law to abide by specific guidelines: the GLP (Good Laboratory Practice) guidelines.
Not all laboratories are required to work according to GLP, only those that carry out the abovementioned research.

GLP tries to provide organisations with a quality assurance system to ensure, among other things, that the data generated in the laboratory are reliable and traceable. This requires a specific modus operandi that makes knowledge of GLP necessary for each employee. The rules must be followed.

They are discussed in this training but it is also explained why they are set up in this way.

What can you expect during the training?

What is the result in your daily work?

Knowledge of and acting in accordance with GLP guidelines is a requirement for all employees of laboratories/authorities that have to comply with GLP legislation.


For whom?

You work in a regulatory environment, or will shortly be working in a quality laboratory that has to deal with GLP.
Note: the instructors have no experience of animal testing and this aspect of GLP is not dealt with in the course.





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