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Watch out for the Pink Army

QbD is known for its team spirit and sporty character. This isn’t only the case at the office, but also outside of work!

How QbD puts the ‘play’ into ‘work, play, deliver’ – part 2

QbD is known for its team spirit and sporty character. This isn’t only the case at the office (if you don’t know what we’re talking about, check out part 1 of this blog series), but also outside of work! But where did all this energy and fierceness of the ‘Pink Army’ come from in the first place? This blog post gladly tells you more about it.

QbD’s competitive spirit

Many years ago, a few QbD’ers decided to team up and participate in the Antwerp 10 Miles. What happened next is history: what started off as a spontaneous one-time activity among colleagues quickly became an indispensable tradition, carried out by the entire company. Well, at least by 60% of us, which is quite an impressive number for this kind of activity.

Every now and then, we scramble QbD teams to participate in different marathons, volleyball tournaments and races. Whether it’s an intense activity like the Hercules Trophy, or something more relaxed like the Mechelen Urban Trail, chances are very high that QbD is there for the challenge. We enjoy this versatility, and it’s also a great way to involve as many QbD’ers as possible. Participating together is a great opportunity to connect, to work on our personal fitness, and to show off our incredible strength as a company!

Barbara Gysbrechts has become a familiar face at these sports contests. She’s mostly into cycling during her free time, but she loves to try out different things with her fellow QbD’ers:

hercules trophy qbd

Our participation in the Hercules Trophy has definitely been one of my favorites. Moving a truck by pulling a single rope together was probably one of the most fun moments!

Jeroen Verhoeven has also become an indispensable asset, especially when it comes to the organization of QbD’s participation in the yearly beach volleyball tournament for companies in Mechelen. “We’ve already participated five times”, he says. “And we’ve often ended up playing against clients, like Novartis, which makes it even more special. Then we really can release the beast in us. 😊”

qbd yearly volleybal tournament
volleybal mechelen

No time to sit still

For some of us, these sports contests just aren’t enough to blow off steam: during weekends or after a long day at work, a lot of us motivate each other to go for a run or to train together for other contests. This unseen motivation is at the same time a great opportunity for QbD to organize some internal activities as well. Take our Family Day for example: right before the kick-off, we gathered a team to go cycling (in matching outfits of course!). FYI: did you notice our CEO Bart nicely blending in with the rest of us? Also important: it doesn’t matter how fit you are. The most important goal is to keep each other moving, and to strengthen our relationship as colleagues.

Qbd family day

Pink tornado

Want to come find us at the next public sports event? Easy: just look for the most excited, motivated people passing by. Or better yet, just follow the pink! Why pink? Not only does it stand out from the crowd (a goal we take very seriously on every level), but it’s also the color of one of our company values: JOY! So the more pink, the better. And let’s be honest: don’t we look great? 😉

Are you really sporty and is pink your color too? Then don’t hesitate to contact us. We would gladly invite you to our office for an informal chat and a cup of coffee.

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