The Corona World Games – A throwback by the winning team

The Corona World Games?

Boosting the team spirit in times of social distancing? #teamQbD got it done! 

During the QbD Corona World Games, our online international team building event, thirteen randomly selected teams defended their honor.

Setting up our team for success

Our own team, ‘QbDRIEm’, starred Britt, Evelien, Louis, Michiel, Sara, Siebe, Steven, Tijs, Valerie and Yves. A real dream team, destined for gold.

The ingredients to a successful and exciting teambuilding without real-life muddy battlefields:

Enough to keep us on our toes, even at work.

Triathlon in a bathtub

And QbD wouldn’t be QbD if we didn’t go the extra mile to complete every challenge successfully and in time.

Teams meetings were scheduled, TikTok was downloaded, entire evenings were dedicated, meals were skipped and partners were ignored (not even sorry). 

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The types of challenges we faced? Well, we broke a soda stream bottle in a bottle flip attempt, we filled a bathtub to simulate a triathlon, Britt practiced for four hours (still not sorry) to complete successful ‘flip-flops’, and we’re still not mentally ready to confess how much time we spent on our Woody Puzzle…

Building strong relationships​

QbDRIEm - the winning team members

And our efforts were rewarded. Not only because we won the trophy – we also built strong relationships with colleagues we had never even met in real life before. 

It’s crazy how this event brought us all together again and enabled us to share unique moments regardless of distanceSomething we celebrated with one last virtual team meeting and a well-deserved drink.

We’re already looking forward to the next edition! Fingers crossed for a real battlefield in 2021!

Confessions from Yves – QbDRIEm team captain

Are you ready for a challenge?

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