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Sweating out the Monday blues: via livestream this time!

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As you know, QbD is a very sporty and healthy organization. Since today is the start of homework and social distancing week 2, we obviously miss our weekly Bootcamp together. But thank god for technology! We were able to set up a Bootcamp via livestream in collaboration with our beloved personal trainer Renée from Personal Mechelen.

20 QbD’ers and their family joined to sweat out their Monday blues with us!

We started our training with some warm-up exercises like jumping jacks, high knee running and squats. After 10 minutes we took it up a notch and we started with intensive exercises that took everyone out of breath.

We did series of small exercises that anyone can do at home without any material like lunches, planking, push-ups, mountain climbers and bridges. After an intensive 45-minute workout, everyone had time to relax and enjoy a well-deserved lunch.

And that’s how #teamqbd rolls during Corona-times!

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Table of Contents

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